Do you need an extra cleaning due to COVID 19?

Regular cleaning plays a vital role in limiting the transmission of COVID-19. Increased frequency of cleaning of general room surfaces reduces the presence of the virus and the risk of contact.

Do I need to do anything regarding cleaning?

Reducing clutter and removing difficult to clean items can make cleaning easier. Increase the frequency of cleaning, using standard cleaning products such as detergents and bleach, paying attention to all surfaces but especially ones that are touched frequently, such as door handles, light switches, work surfaces, remote controls and electronic devices.

What is additional cleaning?

As a minimum, frequently touched surfaces should be wiped down twice a day, and one of these should be at the beginning or the end of the working day. Cleaning should be more frequent depending on the number of people using the space, whether they are entering and exiting the setting and access to handwashing and hand-sanitising facilities. Cleaning of frequently touched surfaces is particularly important in bathrooms and communal kitchens.

Do cleaners need additional PPE?

When cleaning surfaces, it is not necessary for us to wear personal protective equipment (PPE) or clothing over and above what would usually be used.
Gloves changed with every clean is sufficient to stop transmission along with wearing masks where we are in close proximity to other